Things to consider before purchasing your new tray and/or canopy

Things to consider before purchasing your new tray and/or canopy

  1. Where will your vehicle spend most of its time?
    If you live or work in a coastal area or near any salt water environments, or intend to do any salt water driving we would recommend upgrading to our aluminium tray.
    Steel trays that are exposed to salt water environments are more prone to rusting or having powder coating issues
  2. Are you concerned with the weight of your tray?
    Our trays come standard as steel, but if you were wanting to keep the weight down we can offer aluminium upgrade options:
    Partial aluminium upgrade includes: tray sides, tray floor, guards and toolboxes
    Full aluminium upgrade includes: tray frame, headboard, tray sides, tray floor, guards, toolboxes and mounts
  3. What will your vehicle be used for?
    If using your vehicle for work, please consider what will be loaded in/on your tray/canopy when deciding on what material to build your tray from and what finish you want the tray to have.
    Smooth or metallic finishes can be more prone to scratching so greater care is required.
    The trays and canopies can still be scratched by carrying heavy items or having items rub against the surface we recommend that a rubber mat is used in/on the tray floor and travel blankets/ padding etc are used when carrying a load.
    If the vehicle will be used for touring, please refer back to point 1.
    If the weight of the tray is your concern, please refer back to point 2.
  4. Will my tray/canopy look the same as one I have seen on your website / Social Media?
    As we grow our trays and canopies will go through stages of evolution.
    Elements will be refined to create a more superior product.
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please don’t hesitate to have a chat with us
  5. How will you be getting your vehicle to us?
    Our factory is Located in Alexandra, in regional Victoria.
    Transportation of the vehicle to and from the factory is the responsibility of the customer and will be at your own cost.
  6. How long will we need your vehicle for?
    We only require your vehicle for fitment and is between 2-4 days, you will be informed how long we need your car when booking in for fitment
    If there are more customisations within your build or it is a vehicle that we have not built a tray for in the past we may require the vehicle for 3-4 weeks to complete the build.
  7. Do I have to get my tray/canopy fitted at the Hunted factory?
    We prefer to complete fitment at our factory to ensure correct installation and quality control
    Under special circumstances it is possible to have your tray/canopy fitted elsewhere. We can organise to have your build freighted out for you, this will be at an additional charge and will also incur a packaging fee
  8. Can I keep my original tray / tub?
    For sure! It will need to be taken with you on the day you pick up your car.
    You will need to bring a flatbed trailer for this
    Please note that we do charge an additional fee to remove an existing tub / tray before fitment of your Hunted tray.
  9. What times can I pick up and drop off my vehicle?
    Please be aware our business hours are:
    Monday – Thursday 7:00am – 4:30pm
    Friday 7:00am – 1:00pm
    Vehicles will need to be dropped off/picked up during these times. Arrangements to do so outside of these times will need to be discussed prior and will not be possible in the event a removed tray or tub is required to be collected

If you are unsure about any of the information listed above, please get in contact with one of our friendly team and they will be happy to clarify any questions you may have.

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